10 Reasons To Relocate To Las Vegas

10. Great Economic Outlook                             10 reasons

The economy is booming! There are growth and expansion everywhere you look. Fox Business News 12-9-19- Nevada is #4 state with the best economy for 2020. Our friends talk about how great their businesses are. Housing appreciation has slowed but not stopped. Las Vegas is still “The Land of Opportunity.” Times are different and Las Vegas is a great driving destination.

9.  Everyone Will Visit You Here

With over 42 million visitors a year and a booming national economy, friends and family will be coming to visit – especially at New Year’s when hotel rates triple. After 32 years in town, I’d go to bed at night and give guests my car keys. How many times can you tour Hoover Dam in a year?

8.  Transportation                                                   Reasons #8

Las Vegas enjoys minimal traffic, beautiful roads, inexpensive airfares and rental cars, and inexpensive transportation. The economy in Las Vegas thrives in part because of airline partners. In Fall 2019- Our Delta flight from Vegas to San Jose, Costa Rica was $400 RT with a 2-hour layover at LAX. Our friends joined us on the trip at LAX but paid $600 for their RT tickets. We took the same planes and we flew 600 miles further. Nice- For Us!

7.  Retirement

With a “lower than national average” cost of living, casino “Over 55” day deals, senior centers, and retirement communities all around town, retirees enjoy living here. Large security conscience neighborhoods include recreation centers, pools, classes, clubs, games, golf and medical assistance. When you live here there’s no State Income Tax or Inheritance Tax.

6.  Food and Entertainment

All of the Famous Chefs have a restaurant on The Strip. Chain Restaurants and Recreation are abundant. There are 36 Showrooms at hotels and 7 arenas or stadiums and a NASCAR Track. The Golden Knights, The Aces, The Lights, and The Aviators will soon be joined by the Raiders. Las Vegas in 2020 will host NFR, Pac 12 Football and basketball Championship, NFL Draft and ¼ of the country’s largest tradeshows. Residencies- Every Entertainer wants to spend an extended period of time here doing shows without traveling. From fast cars to zip-lining to helicopters to hiking, there’s always something to do. And there’s always casino activities.

Top 5 Reasons

5.  Taxes                                                                       Reason #5 Taxes

Nevada’s residents have the 8th Lowest Tax Burden in the U.S., according to Money Magazine. There is NO State Income Tax! No Inheritance Tax, NO Gift Tax, and NO Corporate Tax. There’s an 8.375% Sales Tax and Property Tax is just under 1% for residents.

4.  Jobs

Every hotel room is credited with 2.5 jobs- 1 within the hotel/casino and 1.5 within the community. Also, Manufacturing, Construction, Infrastructure, Airport, Convention and Technology add a lot of jobs. With 3 Incorporated Cities in Clark County, they all employ. Currently, there are 150,000 hotel rooms in Clark County with 10,000 new rooms scheduled to open in 2020. Over 5M square feet of factory/warehouse space opened in N. Las Vegas in 2019- about 2000 jobs. There is a serious shortage of medical personnel and teachers!

3.  Weather

The Las Vegas Valley averages 310 sunny days a year, and 26.5 rain days with a total of 4.2 inches a year. The coldest month is December with an average high of 56.7 and a low of 38.7 degrees. The hottest month is July with an average high of 104.1 and a low of 81 degrees. There are no tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis or wildfires. We do have wind but nothin extreme. As a So. Cal. girl, I know earthquakes. Since I moved to Vegas I’ve felt 5 and they were barely noticeable.

2. Families

Las Vegas Valley is geared toward families, retirees, and singles. The strip is not where we live- but we can visit. There are variety and diversity everywhere you look. The Valley has many great schools, neighborhoods have fabulous parks with amenities and walking and bicycle paths. Communities have large recreation facilities with events and organized sports. The Library System is one of the best in the country. With eclectic shopping, over 500 churches, a city choir, and orchestra, plays, cultural events, dancing, gyms, museums, and professional sports, you’ll never get bored! Our family loves all the fun and unique things to do and the unique places we can celebrate birthdays.

The Number 1 Reason To Relocate To Las Vegas

1. Affordable Housing 

The Las Vegas Valley has 5000 people a month relocating to it because of the thriving economy, and a third of those people are from California. A BIG reason they move here is the cost of homes. You can buy a nice brand new home in Las Vegas for under $300,000. Pre-owned homes start around $200,000. A $500,000 house is fabulous. You can buy land and build a custom dream house for under a million.

Choose from master-planned communities, horses, golf course living and views. The Median Price of homes for December 2019 was under $300,000 and condominiums were almost $200,000. (That means half the homes or condos sold were over that number and one-half were under it for the month.)


The economy is thriving, you can move into a great house and enjoy over 300 sunny days a year. Bring Mom and Dad to town to live in a fun, affordable, and active retirement community. The business and employment outlooks are great, and everyone will visit because there’s always something to do!

Since you’re no longer paying State Income Tax you have approx. 10% more money to spend traveling, eating out, going to shows and saving for the kids’ college and your retirement. You’ll spend less time commuting and more time walking, hiking and enjoying social activities.

Give us a call today and start planning your transition.

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