About Us

ABOUT US – Who Kurt And Terri Are:

Kurt and Terri Grosse created www.HomesForSale.Vegas to assist you to research the Las Vegas housing market. Based on their combined 40+ years of real estate knowledge and what they would want access to, this site was made. Research the area and homes for yourself and contact them anytime you have questions or are ready to see areas and property in person. Remember to save your favorite homes and Bookmark the site!

Buying and selling homes is not always easy in this world where you need to protect yourself. You should have the best Realtor possible working with you. 99% of the time, Sellers pay the Realtor for a buyer, so you should have the best! If you are a Seller, you need to hire the best- it will save you time and money and your assets are covered! Interview and learn about who you have work for you.

Kurt Grosse- Realtor    Your Best Protection!

Kurt Grosse, raised in Great Falls, Montana had several engineering jobs across the US after graduating with an Alternate Energy and Structural Engineering Degree from Montana Tech University. After settling in Las Vegas to be the engineering manager of a building structural component manufacturer, he subsequently became a Nevada Professional Civil Engineer specializing in Wood Framed Construction and opened his own consulting firm. What that really means: he told large home building companies how to build their houses. 

Kurt’s wife, Terri, a Southern California valley girl, has been a very successful Realtor in Las Vegas since 1993. She encouraged Kurt to help in her growing business in 1996. This is when they discovered his unique background made him the perfect Realtor especially in new construction. Monitoring home construction for their buyers, Kurt and Terri quickly became the top New Home Realtor Team in Las Vegas. 

Now, 20 years later, Kurt is still the best Realtor a Buyer could want. Houses in Las Vegas were and are built very quickly. His team has three main policies they stick to: 1. They point out the positives AND negatives they see in a property. They want you as aware as possible about the property you are looking at. 2. They automatically search for energy efficient properties first- this saves you money each month while being kind to the planet. Every client gift for house warming and referrals are “Green.” 3. All showing agents, title and escrow officers and loan officers they recommend will make your buying/selling experience smooth and hassle-free. Plus- when you leave them a message, you are contacted within 24 hours. You will get the best quality service and knowledge available from everyone on their team – Guaranteed!

Terri Grosse- Realtor    Marketing and Information Expert

While Kurt’s specialty is buyers, he’s also a darn good listing agent. Not many Realtors see as many properties each month as he does! Terri’s specialty is people and marketing. Chances are that you will be talking to her until you start looking at property to buy and again after you are in a purchase contract. She’s a great information source, so use her! The team actively markets their listings to their own buyers first, which creates a win-win for everyone! 

If at any time you would like their professional assistance while you are researching homes, just send a message, text or dial their number. There is a form on each page for you to send a message. If you have any questions or specific needs, they can help. Have a good time researching and when you are ready to stop researching on your own, let them know. Have fun!