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Below is the advanced search form for Las Vegas Homes For Sale. Enter your own criteria and modify any results in the top-Advanced search Why You Should Buy A House Nowright corner of the results page. Our MLS program has at least 50 more options that we can enter. If you get too many results or if at any time you’d like us to do this for you, call, text, or fill out our “Contact Us” form in the menu. Have fun investigating and doing an advanced search.

If you know a precise area that you’d like to live, use the “Draw On Map” feature. “Draw On Map” is my favorite feature of this program. When you are ready to look at homes, if you are unsure of which area of town to live in, we can take you on a 3-hour housing tour showing you the amenities that each area offers.

While doing your advanced search, you may realize that housing prices differ in the Las Vegas Valley. Henderson has the highest median price for homes, Las Vegas is second, and North Las Vegas is third. There are nice homes, often with identical floorplans, built by the same builder, built in all 3 cities of the Las Vegas Valley. Call us with any questions – 702-750-7599.

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Since Terri has sold Las Vegas real estate for 28 years and I’ve been in Las Vegas Real Estate for over 25 years, we know history as well as advanced search of new homes framing house on cement slab blue skiesthe current Las Vegas market. Ask us, I’ll bet we can answer any questions you have. Have fun searching. There are over 200 pages on our website with over 500 pre-determined home searches.

After doing your Advanced Search, you may want to check out brand new homes for sale in Las Vegas. Link to New Construction Homes here or on the menu or home page. You’ll find over 250+ neighborhoods and 1000+ floorplans offered by every Las Vegas home builder. As a former Nevada Building Engineer, I specialize in new construction homes and monitor the construction for you as your home is being built.

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