Do you desire a high level of security protecting your household day and night? Over 10% of the homes in Las Vegas are either gated or guard-gated communities. Guard-gated neighborhoods provide the highest security levels in residential houses. Naturally, the benefits of living in a guard-gated community vary for everyone. I lived in regular residential home neighborhoods, gated communities, and guard-gated sub-divisions in Las Vegas.

Typically, a 24/7 guard on gate duty screens all vehicles, requiring an ID. Cameras film people, cars, and license plates upon entering. Visitors get written passes. Guards, gates, and ID verification definitely bring down crime in a neighborhood. However, I believe that there are pros and cons to living in a guard-gated community, so I also listed the pros and cons that I see below.

The only time my home was robbed in 30+ years of living in Las Vegas was when I didn’t live in a guard-gated or a gated community. Gates for gated community homes are a deterrent; however, guards provide records and video. Living in a Guard-Gated Community adds the highest levels of security to your neighborhood, and it adds much more. To see exact crime statistics, there are links under “buyer” in the menu-bar above.

Living with Guard-Gated Security

Of course, the security element is the number one reason why people choose to live in a guard-gated community and pay the cost. Residents living in a guard gated community want assurance that unauthorized people can’t get inside their neighborhood without difficulty. Most guard-gated neighborhoods have either one or 2 additional access points for residents. While guards man the main gates, they often watch the additional gates on CCTV.

CCTV gives the guards the ability to control both cars and pedestrians. Some communities use a hybrid system where the main access point is guarded, but at least one other access point is gated for residents to enter. There rarely is a keypad at these additional entry gates. Opening the gates from the outside is by remote control.

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Sense of Community Safety

Making your home and living in a guard-gated community increases a sense of community shared by all the residents. Neighbors cultivate trust with other neighbors who share this desire for anonymity and safety. One of the big reasons many people say they enjoy living in guard-gated communities is they find it easier to make friends with their neighbors. This increases the community’s strength and adds to the security when you leave on a trip.

Higher Property Value

There is a reason why houses in guard-gated communities in Las Vegas sell for more than those not in these communities. And it’s not just the added cost of the guard. From the inside to the outside, the overall quality of the homes is much higher than many regular housing communities. This includes both the features within the houses themselves and the community features. The exclusivity alone provides leverage when you decide to sell your home.

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No Solicitors – A Big Benefit!

“NO SOLICITORS” – Did this sign ever stop a single solicitor? I used to keep a large ceramic vase next to my front door. It wasn’t just for decoration. It was there to toss all the garbage that would get either left at my door or handed to me by a salesperson. The amount of recycling generated by those materials is ridiculous. Solicitation is a pet peeve for many home buyers. Once you reside in a guard-gated community, say goodbye to this unwanted annoyance.

Eco-Friendly Living

You probably think, “How can living in a guarded community mean eco-friendly living?” Living in our desert is challenging from a water standpoint. (see our blogs on Las Vegas Water and Is There A Water Shortage in Las Vegas) Over the years, our water district created strong partnerships with Homeowners’ Associations (HOA’s). Significant investments provide beautiful water-friendly landscape designs.

In general, as a result of these alliances, desert beauty and lushness are more prevalent features than water. Desert varieties of plants provide eco-friendly landscaping. Many guard-gated community homes and common areas in older HOA’s continue to replace high water-using landscapes with low-water usage designs.

Lovely, colorful, water-efficient landscaping replace water fountains and waterfalls. The Southern Nevada Water Authority shares the cost for renovations, rebating up to $3 a square foot for changes. Saving water and rebates create a winning situation for everyone. HOA’s benefit from lower monthly water bills and lower maintenance costs. The entire city benefits from lower water usage.

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Exclusive Lifestyle

Safety costs money, so communities tie amenities and guard gates into a lifestyle package. Many guard-gated communities provide amenities and facilities that support a healthy and exclusive lifestyle. Community centers with pools, game rooms, meeting rooms, and activities are usually offered. Sports courts, outdoor exercise stations, trails, and private parks are also within most guard-gated communities.

Golf courses with Country Clubs will all be guard-gated communities. Within the Country Club, features like a state-of-the-art gym, clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, concierge service, and so much more are available. These secure and exclusive neighborhoods can be among the highest-priced residential real estate in the valley.

Guard-Gated Living Can Offer Peace

With our increasingly hectic pace of life, a place that gives you a peaceful atmosphere becomes more important. Lush green and colorful open spaces give off a relaxing feel as you drive through the neighborhood. Neighbors follow the CCR’s and well=maintained homes line the streets. Walking or biking through a community with a security-patrol provides a safer feel. This combination promotes both your mental health and your physical health.

Pros and Cons of Guard-Gated Communities

Above are 7 benefits of living in a guard-gated community. There are two complaints- or cons – about why our clients may choose to live in a gated community and not a guard-gated community. Those reasons are strict CCR’s and cost. The cost of 24/7 security for 1-2 or even 3-4 guards is expensive. Shared between residents of larger communities, the cost can be reasonable. In smaller communities, the cost can be quite high.

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CCR’s tend to be strict about parking on the street or even in the driveway. Guests with larger vehicles are not allowed or are closely watched to adhere to time restrictions. Our neighbors with a motorhome could enter to load and/or unload for a maximum of 2 hours. Of course, every neighborhood is different.

The third con would be that there is no guarantee that a community is safe. Walls can be jumped. People can gain access as a delivery driver. Unfortunately, a neighbor’s guest may leave their home and go to another. Ultimately, if someone is going to steal, they’ll find a way. Living in a guard-gated community deters most unapproved access but is not guarantee of safety.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about living in a guard-gated community, our website provides over 200 information pages about the Las Vegas Valley with home searches. Search Guard-Gated Community Homes below.

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This blog was written by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group in Las Vegas. Kurt is a 25 year Las Vegas Valley Realtor and a former Nevada Building Engineer (P.E., C.E.). This makes him a benefit to you because he utilizes his skills and vast knowledge to protect his clients. Any Realtor can show you homes; however, few offer the benefits of building knowledge. While you look at a house, Kurt looks for flaws and signs of issues. Put Kurt on your team today.

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