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Boulder City was a planned community originally built as a town for the management and workers of the new dam. It was placed along the west side of Lake Mead just south of Henderson. Boulder City was named after the canyon the dam was being built in but when the location changed to Black Canyon the name was not changed. As a political move made in 1930 by President Hoover, the dam’s name was changed to Hoover Dam but 3 years later President Roosevelt changed it back. People still confuse the name.

The town was ‘planned” to be housing for both management and laborers. Status was recognized as to where you lived on the hill with management being at the top. Not only did management get the largest homes, they also got a park and the community pool. Even though the community was “planned,” the closest hospital and school  were 25 miles away. Liquor and gambling were against the law in Boulder City and all businesses needed to have town counsel approval.


The city of Henderson was founded in 1943 just 10 miles away from Boulder City. It allowed gambling, sold liquor and had plenty of schools and a hospital. Henderson grew quickly because it had a munitions plant and a large magnesium plant that were offering all kinds of employment. Rather than leaving the state after the dam was finished, many families just moved over the hill to Henderson and Las Vegas.


The Mob was basically running Las Vegas when Boulder City became an incorporated city in 1969. Alcohol was made legal but wanting to remain a peaceful town, a NO GAMBLING law was created. Also, the City Council enacted a strictly enforced 120 per year housing permit moratorium. Since 1969, the building permit wait list has slowed the growth, keeping population low and home prices steady. With a historic southwest feel to the town, those charming 1940’s homes blend well with the more modern buildings. With Lake Mead being so close, a slew of businesses in the downtown area and being on the road to Arizona, Boulder City is a great place to live!

Boulder City’s Homes And Real Estate

Housing types ranges from condominiums under $150,000 and very expensive luxury custom estates with a view. You often see Big Horn Sheep grazing in the park above the lake. The crime rate is low, plenty of local shopping and holiday community activities. Probably adding to the appeal, Boulder City is just over the hill from the entertainment capitol of the world!

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