water drops



Water shortages and drought have been a concern since I moved to Las Vegas in 1993. What I’ve learned in the last 20+ years is that there will always be water. However, whatever the mega-resorts have to do, they will not allow water to affect their occupancy rates. If there wasn’t water, people might stop coming to the desert – and Las Vegas is BIG business. It’s all about the MONEY- not the water. Because of the money, there will always be water. Shortages and water conservation really do not exist in Las Vegas hotels. (Personal point of view.)

Sound silly? I personally believe that it’s true. I have been conserving water most of my life being from California where I remember a water shortage in 1978 in Northern California. Someone forgot to tell California about the water shortages and drought in the last few years and BAM! Empty lakes! What’s up with that? In Southern Nevada we started conserving over 15 years ago. Every house built has low-flow faucets, energy-efficient appliances and re-circulation systems. Desert landscaping is standard. Water features and grass were removed. Conservation is a lifestyle that has reduced the per person usage by over 40% in the last 15 years. Great job Las Vegas! Since Southern California gets their water from us, I think someone should have told So Cal to be careful! Thank goodness for the rain and snowfall early 2017 has brought!

The Springs Preserve

The advantage of being in a drought for so long is that we are on top of  conservation here. The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) has developed the original site where water bubbled to the desert sand in the 1800’s. There are over 100 archaeological sites on that land. Besides education and preservation, the purpose of the Springs Preserve is to educate people about conservation, recycling and desert plants that thrive in the desert. These plants are on display in attractive garden areas that equate to a nice day-adventure/nature walk. The Preserve shows how beautiful a low-watering, water shortage proof, desert landscape can be.

People move here from all over the United States and many have had green grass all their lives. Las Vegas Valley Water currently pays their customers $2 a square foot to remove grass and plant desert plants on drip systems. Moon Valley and
Star nurseries are experts at putting together desert landscaping packages. They can flower and stay green all year and offer beauty and curb appeal. One of the nurseries even plants trees free of charge! (We will gift you 2 x-large ever-green trees when you buy or sell a house with us!)(Another for a referral!)


Desert Plants

Potted plants and gardens are a trend that can save plants’ lives in the few days a year when it freezes. Palm trees tend to be sensitive and need to be watched and possibly wrapped or covered. I read that UC Davis in California recently created a buffalo fescue grass that uses 70% less water than traditional grass. I’m looking forward to seeing that!

Plants watered with drip irrigation systems tend to use less water and flow can be adjusted for each plant. Many desert plants flower. Most LV yards are covers with rock in a rock-scaped design to keep dust down and moisture in. Besides lower water bills, the other big advantage to desert landscaping is the cost of gardening. We hire people to come maintain 3-4 times a year and our yard stays cheerful, trimmed and clean. Just because there’s a water shortage doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less.

Our Green House Warming Gifts

This year we have been trying to focus on finding Green, energy saving homes for our buyers. We really like saving you money each month while being kind to the planet. Because we want to support the Green Alliance here in Las Vegas and we want to give great house warming gifts, in 2017 we will gift our buyers and sellers 1 or 2 X-Large Evergreen Trees planted in your yard. If you refer us to a friend who also buys or sells a house using us as their Realtor we will have another tree planted in your yard. Heck, let us landscape your entire yard!