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Our Site Searches are Truly Accurate

Search this unique site. Accuracy makes it different! When you search AVAILABLE properties you will get a list of what is available right that minute. You can possibly even buy it! All of the other home search sites (Zillow,, Trulia, etc.) are designed to create leads for the website to sell to Realtors so they leave homes as available until a transaction closes and the people have moved! Most of their homes are actually sold. Yesterday our MLS said there were under 6600 available single family residences in the Las Vegas area. Zillow said over 13,800. Just off by a little bit…….

Save Search and Favorite Homes and Get E-Mail Notifications

Search HomesForSale.Vegas website. It’s intended to provide you – both seller and/or buyer – with the tools to accurately search Southern Nevada properties on your own. We can also do it for you upon request. You can get on the site at any time 24/7 and in any stage of your housing process. You can look, calculate and save homes and searches for the next 5 years! You can get email notifications each time a house in your neighborhood comes up for sale or is sold. You can log back in and re-visit saved homes. Everything is confidential and we will not ever call to bug you. In Exchange: We request that when you are ready to officially become a BUYER or SELLER, you interview us!

Best Buyer’s Agent in Las Vegas!

When you want to view a house, call us, not the agent on a sign. Because of your loyalty, we go above and beyond any other Realtor Team in town. We actually look out for YOU! The best benefit we offer you is Kurt. Besides being the best buyer’s agent in town, he was a Las Vegas Appraisal Apprentice for over a year and a Nevada Structural Engineer for over 10 years telling builders how to build their homes. He will monitor the building of your new construction home weekly and send you pictures. He’ll do the framing walk-thru with you as your consultant and the builder even pays him. With pre-owned homes, he looks for flaws for you and the seller pays him. Good system- you get free expertise whether buying a new or resale home just by him showing you homes! When Terri or their buyer’s agent work with you, Kurt will look at your resale property or monitor the construction for you at no charge also.

We are easy to reach- call or text 702-788-8822 or send us an email on the sidebar or under “Contact Us.” Someone is in the office most weekdays from 9-4 PST. If you leave a message, we guarantee a reply back to you within 24 hours, 365 days a year if you call 702-788-8822

Sellers View Properties to Accurately Price Home!  

We really like to make a listing appointment where we have the time to see a few homes that are for sale in your neighborhood before you decide on a sales price. Wanting you to have the advantage of the best value means spending time doing research. Since you ultimately choose the list price, you need to see the competition in person if possible. The price you choose needs to be accurate and comparable so lets go look! We all hate to leave money on the table but being over-priced is also bad. Being  priced at the exact value of the house often creates multiple offers over list price.

Let’s Get In The Car And SEE Homes!

BUYERS: Very few homes are sold sight unseen so let’s get in the car and find you the right house! You need to know what area of town you’d like to live in next. We offer a home and area education tour but this takes 3-4 hours so we hope you know where you’d like to live! If you know which area and are prequalified or paying cash, we go house hunting! Loan Pre-qualification is important because we don’t want to look at oranges when you qualify for apples. A $20,000 difference in Las Vegas is the difference of a pool or another bedroom and a 3-car garage. You spend 15 minutes talking with a lender and we’ll get it right the first time. You would not like falling in love with a house to find out that you can’t have it!

All lenders are not good. We can give you 2 or 3 names of people we like. We suggest you talk to one of them for Pre-qualification. If you’re planning before coming to town, compare rates and fees (another buyer topic) and start the process so all you need is a property and appraisal. If you don’t have a pre-qualification letter we cannot present an offer for a resale home. There is now a new construction builder that will keep your deposit and upgrade money if you don’t qualify for a loan and waste their time. We don’t want you in that position.

We are Pro-Active Not Re-Active Realtors

Pro-Actively Working For Buyers: After you’re pre-approved for a specific dollar amount we find you the right house. Sometimes, in some price ranges there is a lot of buyers at the same time and not enough houses for sale. When finding a home for you gets hard, we go door knocking or do a mailing and follow-up calls. We will work to find you exactly what you’re looking for instead of waiting around for someone else to list a home. We want you to have every advantage and if it’s our listing that we found for you, you get to see it and even make an offer on it first! In a market or price range where there is a low home inventory, this can be invaluable! I have been in that exact position so I know how it feels and will do whatever it takes for your satisfaction. (That will get us referrals from your word-of-mouth advertising! Win-Win Team Work!)                                                            

Team Work: HOMESFORSALE.VEGAS is a website created by Kurt and Terri Grosse. Besides selling homes for over 20+ years, for over 10 years now, Kurt and Terri have been on the Board of Directors and have volunteered with AYSO Summerlin Soccer. Many of their attitudes work for both the Soccer and the Real Estate Fields. Mainly those attitudes having to do with team work:

  • Coaching and playing our best possible game every time
  • What we do best is, assisting others to make their goals
  • We provide you with the best current information and skills to make great decisions

So, put us on your team!