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With our warm and sunny climate, there are many Henderson homes for sale with a pool. A typical swimming pool adds $20,000-$30,000 to the price of the home. The cost to build a new swimming pool is rarely under $30,000. Just like landscaping, pools vary widely in size, complexity, shape, and cost. Some have waterfalls that add value and some also have heated spas.

How Many Homes Have Pools

Looking out an airplane window when approaching Mc Carran Airport, it seems that almost every home has a swimming pool. That may be close to true depending on the area, but there are also alternatives.

Many communities have community pools, and some are near a public pool. Green Valley Ranch Aquatic Center is great, and Cowabunga Bay is fun. Many Hotel/Casinos now offer a “Per Day Use Pass.” Besides the initial cost to build, pools require maintenance and utility costs to operate.

Today I looked in Henderson at how many homes there were for sale with a pool. Amazingly, 35% of every Henderson home listed have swimming pools. The average may be a bit skewed because in homes for sale above $500,000, 67% of them have swimming pools.

Advantages of Having a Pool

As with most things, having a home with a pool has advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are that you’ll have a ready-made recreation areaswimming pool homes in Las Vegas for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Pools are a great addition to a barbeque or a party. In our climate, pools can reasonably be used about 6 months out of the year. Spas can be used year-round.

Depending on your age and familial status, advantages are different. When we had kids at home, having a pool was great for having the gang hang-out at our house. We had a lot of fun in the pool together as a family. The dog loved barking and running around the pool attacking splashes.

As we became empty-nesters, the spa was used more. Leaving the window open and hearing water in the desert was a luxury. I love the feelings of peace and the serenity that the sound of water in MY yard gives me. On a hot day just being able to go into the pool whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted to cool off was worth paying the pool service guy every month.

Why do you want a pool?

Disadvantage of Pools

The disadvantages of having a home with a pool are different for different people. It’s all about ‘Point of View.” The cost of utilities will probably be over $50 a month during the summer months.

Owning a pool and doing the chemicals and cleaning yourself is a big commitment that needs to be done every week. Some people enjoy it. Others complain about having to pay a service to clean and chemicalize the pool each week. I have gratitude that there are pool services to clean the pool so I don’t have to. My wife cleaned their pool weekly as a teen and refuses to ever do it again.

A pool service company pool homes for sale in hendersoncharges according to the work that will be involved. Do you have plants in the yard that will put debris in the pool? How old is the equipment? What type of equipment do you have? Do you use an automated cleaning system?

Safety and Liability

Another disadvantage is potential safety and liability issues. The trend is to put rocks, tables, and seating in the pool. The problem we’ve seen with this trend is that kids can’t resist using those things as launch pads. Pointed corners in a pool can also be a problem.

I would recommend against an investor purchasing a property with a pool unless they plan to reside in the property in the future or the house was a great deal. Pool fences help to mitigate safety concerns for many people.

Hiring a lifeguard for under $100 for a child’s birthday party is something to consider. Your peace of mind is worth every penny.

Building A Swimming Pool

Another way to buy a pool home is to buy a home and put a pool in. The expense involved with this often has to do with interest rates. If you get a home with an existing pool, the price of the pool is at the 3-5% interest rate that the home loan is at. If you build and finance a pool, the interest rate can be 18% or higher. That’s a big factor.

pool stool

If you choose to build a pool, you’ll find that shopping for a pool can be confusing. Every company likes X and dislikes Y. Of course, they specialize in X. You might want to hire a pool designer to design your specs and then ask pool contractors to bid on your design with your choice of finishes.

What Kind Of Pool Do You Want?

A pool, a spa, a pool with a spa, or none of the above are all up to you. At the end of the day, you should buy what suits your lifestyle the best. If you want a pool, I use my years of experience with pools to look for red flags.

There can be rust on the side of the pool or bubbles in the plaster. Cracks in the cement deck and trees with large roots that might be breaking through the PVC pipes under the deck. No matter what, if you are buying a home with a pool, ALWAYS get a pool inspection.

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