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Horse Property is all over Las Vegas, both on County and City land. There are sections of land in every direction of the Las Vegas Valley that allow horses. A new zoning designation was passed in 2005, RNP, which stands for Rural Neighborhood Preservation. In these areas, the goal is to allow better air quality and a sense of wide-open spaces for everyone. Ultimately this zoning allows the street to have no sidewalks, street lights, or gutters.

Rural Neighborhood Preservation Zones

The requirements for a property to be zoned RNP are:

  1. Populated by residents with common interests in more open-space lifestyles than experienced in urban neighborhoods;
  2. Custom-built homes;
  3. No mandatory Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) or homeowners’ associations;
  4. Suitable for keeping and riding horses in a rural residential setting;
  5. Trail access to mountainous areas surrounding the city;
  6. Residential lots large enough to park boats, horse trailers, and other recreational vehicles behind the front setback line. Having enough rear-yard area to construct accessory buildings, stables, tack houses, and other horse-related outbuildings;
  7. Residential densities lowHenderson arena
  8. enough to allow substantially more physical separation between neighboring dwellings than typically found in urbanized areas;
  9. Modified pavement sections and few public streetlights and sidewalks;
  10. Less light pollution from fewer residential nighttime activities and house lighting in general. 

Clark County allows 2 horses on a 1/2 acre lot. Henderson, Las Vegas, and N. Las Vegas all go along with the County horse zoning Rural Neighborhood Preservation areas. Know that just because a property has 1/2 acre, it doesn’t mean you can have horses. You cannot have horses if the CCR’s say they are not allowed. We have sold many properties zoned for horses, so we usually know which neighborhoods allow horses and which don’t.

Search Horse Properties

I searched horse properties for sale today. In all of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, there were almost 100 listings. They ranged from the mid-$300,000’s to over 6 Million. Every area of town has horse zoned property and even some near the middle of town. In addition to single horse properties, there is an equestrian custom home neighborhood by the McCarran Airport. These estates are all about horses, with homeowners sharing the arenas and trails.

Areas around town have large and small pockets zoned for horses. Henderson has quite a few areas where horses are allowed- the largest is off the I515 just past Black Mountain. The Northwest has miles of custom homes on 1/2 acre or more without sidewalks. As an added plus, the area connects to Lone Mountain.

horses Henderson

There are plenty of properties for horses near Mt. Charleston in Kyle Canyon and on Mt. Charleston. North Las Vegas has quite a bit of custom homes in numerous locations. Sunrise Mountain is filled with rural estates within Rural Neighborhood Preservation areas.

East Las Vegas has some pockets, and Henderson has 5 separate areas, 2 of which are a minimum of 1 acre lots. Many people have homes on large lots without horse facilities so let’s not rule those out without looking at them. When you’re ready, let us know, and we’ll get on it. 

Searching For A Property

Search for horse properties below. The top right corner of any results page on this site has a REVISE SEARCH and a SORT button so you can filter results or change the search. You can also SAVE FAVS to a private box on the site. Send yourself automated e-mails when new listings with your criteria become available. 

Buffer Zones

As zoning rules change and land becomes more valuable, I see fewer and fewer ranch-type horse properties when I drive down the street. This is because of tract housing on larger lots being built along the busy streets.

These one-story homes are what the city council calls Buffer Zones. I used to dislike them until I realized that the alternative could be much worse. The up-side is that these tracts keep the county pockets hidden from the city and busy roads. I think it feels more “country.” Let’s see if you agree.

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This page was written by Terri Grosse. Together with my husband and partner Kurt Grosse, we have been top producing Las Vegas and Henderson real estate agents for over 25 years. Kurt is a Retired Building Engineer, and we use his skills and building knowledge to protect our clients every day.

Kurt and I both have a passion for horses. Since riding without owning doesn’t seem like riding, we go to rodeos and events in Las Vegas and ride when we are with Kurt’s family in Montana. After over 25years in Las Vegas, we know the valley and rural areas quite well. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom or call us and let’s find you a place to enjoy the wide-open Las Vegas spaces.

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