Horse Zoning In Las Vegas, Henderson, and NLV

Homes With Horse Zoning in Clark County, NV

When looking for homes for sale in Las Vegas with a horse zoning, 99% of the time, you’ll need to have a 1/2 acre gross lot size or larger. However, there are exceptions. Grandfathered ranch estates are one and there is one community where residents share equestrian facilities near the Airport.

In 2020, rural zoning still allows 2 horses per 1/2 acre plus other various livestock. You don’t have to be a part of a rural preservation neighborhood to have horses or livestock at your house. Many blocks of land with custom homes are scattered throughout the valley. The largest differences are that rural preservation areas are softer lit, have dirt sidewalks, and cannot get high-density housing for neighbors. Riding in wide-open spaces may be further distances.

Clark County Zoning Changes

Until the late 1990s, there was a lot of vacant land available, and horse pockets were common. As smaller parcels were purchased, a few developers assembled 10 rural estates no sidewalks horse trails paths riding pony stable arena
acres or more and built a community. The various city Zoning Department was not very concerned. However, as it became more prevalent, something had to be done. Clark County voted for rural conservation, and the plan for Rural Neighborhood Preservation was implemented.

Following suit, the City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, and the City of Las Vegas adopted the same plan. Zoning for these areas changed from RE – Rural Estates to RNP- Rural Neighborhood Preservation. We have included the Rural Preservation Guidelines on each of our Horse Property pages- link to them below.

In 2005, the City of Las Vegas began removing and adding parcels where there were no sidewalks or street lights and large lots to the map, which was finally implemented in 2008. Most of the areas have remained the same, with the exception of allowing buffer zone homes around the perimeters.

Rural Neighborhood Preservation Zones

The requirements for a property to be zoned RNP are:

  1. Populated by residents with common interests in more open-space lifestyles than experienced in urban neighborhoods;
  2. Custom-built homes;
  3. No mandatory Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) or homeowners’ associations;
  4. Suitable for keeping and riding horses in a rural residential setting;
  5. Trail access to mountainous areas surrounding the city;
  6. Residential lots large enough to park boats, horse trailers, and other recreational vehicles behind the front setback line. Having enough rear-yard area to construct accessory buildings, stables, tack houses, and other horse-related outbuildings;
  7. Residential densities low
  8. Larger setbacks to allow substantially more physical separation between neighboring dwellings than is typically found in urbanized areas;
  9. Modified pavement sections and few public streetlights and sidewalks;
  10. Less light pollution from fewer residential nighttime activities and house lighting in general. 

Rural Preservation Neighborhood District Map – City of Las Vegas

Rural Neighborhood Conservation 1/2 acre+ map Clark County

Rural Neighborhood Conservation Areas Henderson, NV

Henderson has 6 Rural Neighborhood Preservation Neighborhoods. Ranging in location and size from being in the middle of Henderson’s hustle and bustle to entire areas of 1 acre plus estates. With the proximity to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Sloan Canyon Preservation Area, there are many trails.

Additionally, Rural Neighborhood Preservation Districts mainly have custom homes build on the lots. Wide roads with dirt sidewalks and reduced lighting give the feel of true country living while being a mile or two away from city amenities.

Many people who do not ride or are without horses also choose to buy homes with land in these areas. There may be various reasons for buying that they want space from their neighbors or room for a sparkling pool or sports court. They could have a dozen cars that need a home or want a tall antenna.

Ride a Horse or Have a Large Lot- 1/2 Acre + 

Just because an area is a rural preservation neighborhood, they are not excluded from having CCR’s. Each area may be subject to their own rules and regulations that are grandfathered with the land. Every area is different, so if you’re looking for some specific reason other than horses, with 25 years of selling Real Estate in the Vegas Valley, we are a wealth of information. If we don’t know an answer, we will get it. Let us show you homes zoned for horses in Henderson to help you decide where you’d like to live in the Las Vegas Valley.

Links below will connect you with the RNP Areas in Henderson that are zoned for horses. You may also want to link to the City of Henderson’s Community Development and Services page to investigate further.

Henderson rural neighborhood preservation district

North Las Vegas Zoning for Horses

The Zoning Department in North Las Vegas decided to be slightly different in the naming of their zoning change plan. Clark County retained RE as the zoning name, however, they changed to Ranch Estates instead of Rural Estates. North Las Vegas is old; however, it didn’t experience much growth until the late 1980s.

Therefore, there are many older sections with large lots and newer ranches. Many of these older ranch properties that were zoned for horses sat on prime “commercial development possible” corners and were bought up.

Developers are building throughout the area filling in vacant land that was privately held. Releasing and selling undeveloped land to developers from the city is cautious and zoning is granted with great care.

Zoning Changes In The Valley

When people didn’t want to sell or were trying to block an assemblage of land, tract housing would be built around them. Fortunately, this didn’t happen often. However, every now and then, we see a hidden gem with horses surrounded by block walls. Whether you want a custom home with land or a stable for horses with horse zoning, North Las Vegas has it all, and the land is less expensive than in Las Vegas. Let’s go out and see some.

When zoning changes were occurring, North Las Vegas was the exception for the area calling their zoning Ranch Estates Rural Preservation. Basically, North Las Vegas’ zoning designation is the same as the other cities calling it Rural Neighborhood Preservation.

For more information link to North Las Vegas Zoning Department. On the map below, the medium pale-colored squares are zoned RE.


Horse and Rural Estate Zoning Map – NLV

North Las Vegas Horse Zoning Map Rural neighborhood Preservation areas

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