Want Your Asking Price? CLEAN!

Increase your home’s value in a day with a little bit of elbow grease and some common sense. The time you’ll spend preparing to sell your home can pay off very well. Would you rather buy something that looks pristine and well cared for or something that is dirty and scuffed? A dirty and scuffed house will typically take longer to sell for less money.

Remember, when people shop for a home, they try to picture themselves living there. Help them do that! Box anything personal, pictures, magnets on the refrigerator, and collectibles. Buy nice baskets or decorated boxes to keep the things you use every day, like makeup and bathroom items. Know that people open everything so clean inside everything too!

People fall in love with homes that look great. Buyers buy emotionally. Would you rather buy a home where everything’s done already or one where you’ll have to clean it? Some people are unable to visualize the potential in a home. You don’t want to lose those buyers. Make them want to stay in your home longer visualizing their lives there.

Elbow Grease Pays Big!     clean kitchen

When selling a car, to get the most money possible for it, most people would make necessary repairs and clean it inside and out. Think the same way with a house. A clean house sells for A LOT more money.

In Las Vegas, Home Depot store parking lots have day-laborers each morning or a company like Manpower may be an option. If you are unable to provide the elbow-grease for a few thousand dollars of profit, hire a person or two for $15-$20/hr. Hiring a cleaning service may be an option for you if they’ll do what you ask.


  1. The first thing a buyer sees is your front yard. Pick it up. Trim bushes and dead leaves, vacuum or blow debris from rocks and sweep the porch, driveway and the sidewalk. Hose off the garage doors. Add flowers.
  2. Wash your porch and coach lights. Make sure the light bulbs work. Wash your front door, screen door, and the threshold. If the door needs paint, get a quart of fresh paint and paint it!
  3. Possible buyers stand at the door while their Realtor unlocks it and they look around. Stand there yourself look around and make sure to look up. Eliminate all dirt and cobwebs.
  4. Wash your windows and screens. People look in and out of the windows while they’re viewing your home. They will think you maintain the home well if the windows are washed.


increase your homes value


  1. Sweep and then wash baseboards as needed- try the Mr. Clean Dry Erasers before painting. but if that doesn’t work, touch up the paint as needed.
  2. Touch up paint on the walls if you have original paint.
  3. People have a hard time visualizing their furniture if they’re noticing dirty walls, scuffs, and dirty baseboards. Test and use dry erasers sparingly if you don’t have paint- sometimes wipe marks show.                            
  4. Clean pet evidence in your house and yard. Wax scratches on the sliding door, paint or wash dirt at knee height on walls and doors. Fill in holes in the yard. Dust everything in the area where a litter box is. The less “pet evidence” the better.    
  5. Thoroughly vacuum and mop weekly so only touch-ups are needed for showings.
  6. Be sure to have the carpets and windows cleaned. If people think you care about your home, they’ll think you maintain it well and have a pride of ownership which will bring you a higher offer for your home.


  1. Update. Instantly increase your home’s value by updating the decor. Make your house look so good that the buyer wants to live there! If your bathroom hasn’t been redone since 1985, paint, change-out the art and put out fluffy towels.
  2. Go for cheap and easy fixes. People are going to open cupboards and doors. Straighten and thin-out closets, pantry, and linen shelves. Take extra shampoo out of the tub and shower. Clean the crumbs from your silverware tray. Get new clean soap – everywhere- even a pump soft soap. Permit yourself to throw stuff away!
  3. Angle Furniture. Try to move something away from the wall in each room. Each room should have a red item and a black item. Group things in odd numbers and hang pictures at a woman’s eye level.
  4. Plants and flowers. If you have indoor plants, take any dead leaves off, dust them. You may want to spend $3 at the craft store to buy indoor plant ground cover material for your pots. A house looks cheerier with clean and cared-for looking greenery.                                     cleaning
  5. Kitchen. Have at least 40% of your counter showing. Put the toaster and blender in a cupboard or pack them. Less is so much better for selling and will make your home more desirable. A nice bowl of apples/oranges is a good touch.
  6. Grouping Accessories. Group accessories in odd numbers- 1,3 or 5 items.
  7. Hang pictures. Pictures at a shorter woman’s (5’3″ maybe) eye level to create more warmth. Odd numbers on the walls too.

NOTE: If you have a friend who has a beautiful and stylish home, ask them to advise you as to what you can do. They’ve probably been wanting to give you a tip or two forever, so just ask!


I’d like to tell you that everything is safe in your home during a showing. Reality is that a Realtor cannot always watch multiple people during a showing. People may use a bathroom and close the door or leave the crowd. Since some people tend to look for an opportunity to steal, do what you can to protect your valuable belongings. Boxes are an inexpensive hiding place and are priced as low as $.85 at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

  1. The 6 Month Rule. If you won’t need something for the next 6 months, consider packing it. Your home feels larger when it’s not full.
  2. Pack Clutter. It is so much easier to clean a sparse house than a full one. Sparse looks less lived in and easier for a buyer to visualize living there.
  3. Pack Valuables and Collections. Put them in boxes labeled with non-valuable descriptions. Something like: Violin Music, Old Book Reports or Spike’s Ashes should keep them safe.
  4. Drugs and Alcohol. Take prescription drugs out of your medicine cabinets and bathrooms. Put them out of sight and out of the master bedroom. Boxes with lids are good, smaller cupboards in the kitchen. Just use common sense. Pack away your valuable wines and alcohol.
  5. Storing The Boxes. Put your packed boxes in the garage, a vacant room or along a wall. People don’t mind seeing that you’re getting ready to move.

To Increase Your Home’s Value – CLEAN SELLS!

The Little Things Make A Lot  Of Difference!

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This blog was written by Terri Grosse. Terri has been a Top-Producing Realtor since 1993 and loves marketing, fixing up houses, staging and decorating.

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