Investment Properties- Build Your Wealth

What Kind of Investor Are You?

Investment properties can be a great way to build wealth for your financial portfolio. We’ve found that no two investors are alike. What’s important to you? Every investor wants different things:

  • high monthly rate of return
  • high annual appreciation rate
  • fix-up properties to re-sell them
  • to self-manage a property – when issues come up you hire someone or do it yourself, and handle the leasing
  • buy a property and turn it over to a property manager and just read provided reports

    Facts About Property Management Companies:

    • charge approx. 8-10% of the rent each month or a flat fee – Negotiate!
    • after collecting rent, make automatic deposits and send you monthly and annual tax statements
    • automatically send 3 day notices and eviction notices
    • handle the leasing agreement and walk-thru, renter problems and any necessary repairs
    • you get to decide about larger issues or repairs
    • you can choose the quality of repairs, maintenance and replacement appliances

What Property Type Do You Want? :

Residential Investment Property – Vacant Land or a Single-Family Home – Condominium, Townhouse or House, a Multi-Family Property – Duplex/Four-Plex

Commercial Properties – Vacant Land or Building Pad, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Building or Condo, Strip Mall or a Shopping Center

Most investors are familiar with the differences investing in vacant land, commercial property, multi-family buildings and single family residences. Las Vegas has a high investor ownership percentage in most property types especially since the market crashed a few years ago. Rents and rental demand has also risen considerably since the need increased with foreclosure and short-sale rates.

High-Rise Condominium investments have become popular since Las Vegas is The Entertainment Capitol of the World. It tends to appeal to businesses and to both domestic and foreign investors. Since these condos can be rented out by the on-site management company when the owner is not in residence, it seems ideal for many. The Las Vegas Strip has quite a few luxury high-rise condominium buildings to choose from and so do the up-scale communities of Summerlin, Henderson and Lake Las Vegas. Add short-term rental demand to the benefit of personal use and you might find a high-rise condo to be a good choice for you. Prices range from the $200,000’s on South Las Vegas Blvd. and into the millions for the heart of The Strip.

Protect Your Investment With Investor Specialist Kurt Grosse

Listening to exactly what you want is the #1 factor that sets us apart from other Realtors. We work to find the perfect property for you while looking out for your best interest. After an initial consultation, you will receive video, pictures and print-outs of properties that we think match your criteria. We typically make offers subject to you or a representative viewing the property within X days after inspections or acceptance. (Landlords tend to keep possible sales secret from tenants for as long as possible.)

Kurt Grosse is the team’s Investor Specialist. He has been selling Las Vegas Valley real estate for over 20 years. As your Buyer’s Agent, he will be working with you to build your wealth. About 25% of the property we sell are 1031 Exchanges or investment properties. Being a Realtor and a Nevada Professional and Civil Engineer, Kurt views every property looking for structural issues and potential problems. This is at no charge. Working for you is something he takes very seriously even though the sellers and builders pay him. If you’re buying new construction, he’ll monitor the construction and send you pictures while your home is being built.

Why Do We Sell So Many Investment Properties?

Besides Kurt, we have extremely talented Realtors on our team. Kurt views and monitors every property we are in contract on. When you don’t like an investment property, we start over, because you are the boss. Kurt our Realtor/Engineer is the first buyer’s agent we book appointments for and Terri (Kurt’s wife) a 24 year agent and broker is second. Third is our Showing Agent who works with us full-time. With 3 other Realtors on call during a busy weekend, we can assist you anytime! If Kurt and Terri are not available and you use our showing agent, Kurt will personally view every property looking for flaws after you’ve left town and call you to talk about it.

After a first or second purchase and meeting with our team, we’ll often become your eyes. Even though Nevada has a long property condition disclosure form we still don’t like un-inspected property. Since homes in Las Vegas were built so quickly for the last 20 years, we believe you need expert inspectors and Kurt is a perfect additional layer. Knowing you are busy, we use computers, video and phones to save you time and money.


  • We are givers, educators and walking resource books
  • For foreign investors, we help you plan to sell so the IRS won’t take your profit
  • 24 years of meeting and working with LV Realtors will get our offers accepted before other agents’
  • We guarantee team member availability according to your schedule
  • No conflicts of interest occur because we do not do Property Management
  • We provide referrals to dependable lenders and contractors and get NO compensation from them
  • Consider a Landlord Assistance Company that can do management tasks and move-outs for you with a “per-task” charge
  • In the future, if you live out of town and have a concern, let Terri go see what’s up at your property. She owned and operated a property management company for many years
  • Our knowledge, talent and skill makes your investment experience smooth and profitable (hopefully fun too!)
  • Putting us on your team helps us succeed too – we receive your repeat business and your referrals

If you are considering investing in Nevada Real Estate, give our office a call at 702-656-1818 or send us an email on our sidebar form to schedule a telephone consultation appointment. In 2017, technology is a wonderful tool to utilize to its full potential, however,  know that PEOPLE are the actual focus of our business!

We Help People Build Wealth In Real Estate Every Day

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