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Las Vegas ~ Sin City ~ Entertainment Capital Of The World ~ What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas ~ What Happens In Vegas ONLY Happens In Vegas ~ las vegasThe City That Never Sleeps ~

Yes, it is all of those things, and more. I like to think of the strip as my state income tax. It’s also a great place to spend holidays, celebrate birthdays and entertain our friends. And for many people, it’s their place of employment.

Sin City? It’s So Much More!

Doing the Urban Sprawl, over 2 million residents now call Las Vegas Valley home. For the last 2 decades, most years saw 5000 people a month relocating to Las Vegas. Why? Las Vegas is a great place to live!

Economically living here makes sense with the cost of living is low, jobs are abundant and the tax structure favors residents. As added benefits, the airfare to everywhere is less and there’s always something to do no matter what your lifestyle is about! To many, it’s also “The Land of Opportunity!”

No State Tax

Las Vegas has affordable housing and wonderful Nevada Tax Benefits! New residents see the city as the land of opportunity with a bit of a small-town feel to it. It still takes about 30 minutes to drive from one side of the valley to the other. las vegas

Southern Nevada has great weather with over 300+ sunny days a year, minimal traffic, world-class shopping and the best airfares in the country.

For hot or cold we use valet parking and AC/Heat. With 4″ of rain a year, we don’t need umbrellas. We wear coats so infrequently they last for decades. Add the easy-going weather and no natural disasters to the city’s affordability factor and Las Vegas is a wonderful place to live. 

Skewed Statistics

A downside to Las Vegas is how statistics are skewed. With a population of 2 million people in the valley, our cost of living and accident ratios for car insurance should be based on residents. The problem with that is that every day of the week we have at least 250,000 visitors who have accidents and commit crimes that are charged to the city’s population. Remember this when you read about car accidents and crime.

As far as the cost of living goes, the real estate cost on the Las Vegas Strip is high. Because of this, tourists pay more for food, gas, drug stores, parking, shopping, etc. As residents, we pay considerably less than the strip corridor for these things but the average is what’s reported. Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas are actually quite less expensive than stats show.

Perpetual Motion

Each hotel room equals 2.5 jobs – 1 in the hotel/casino and 1.5 as family support. Family support would be doctors, lawyers, grocery and retail clerks, teachers, hairdressers, manicurists, restaurant help, las vegas roomsgarbage men, bankers, etc. Then came the off-strip local casinos, Rio, Texas, Fiesta, Palms, Reserve, Silverton, South Point, Resort at Summerlin, Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock Station, etc.

With hotel rooms and homes came roads and infrastructure, then flood control. 5000 people a month relocated to Las Vegas. Then BAM! The city slowed a bit and construction stopped during 2008-2011 but in 2012 it all started up again. Despite depreciation and foreclosures hitting Nevada the hardest in the country, 10 years later we’re back and looking strong!

Jobs Today

Due to the recent pandemic, some information will be incorrect.

The perpetual motion machine is continuing strong in 2020. In 2019, growth included the Minor League Ballpark in Summerlin opening. North Las Vegas opened over 4 million square feet of business warehouse space with over 1500 jobs in just 2 of the new companies. All of those jobs are people and families who need homes and everything living includes.

2020 looks great! Allegiant Stadium is still being built creating 640 construction jobs a day, and more permanent jobs when it opens in August. Resort World added partner Hilton Vacations in February with that project providing 1000 jobs a day.

The Raiders football practice facility is being built in Henderson and the Silver Knights are building an arena there.  Homes are needed- the Henderson Executive Airport expanded, and people are still working on the 10,000 hotel rooms opening in 2020. So the house and family cycle continues…

The Employment Boom

The city is a chain that’s all connected. It begins as hotel construction workers being needed to build a hotel. Those workers need homes and the home builders who build them needed homes. Everyone has a family.

BoomTownLas Vegas Night

What about jobs? How do 5000 people a month moving to a city get absorbed? Very easily is the answer. There are many job openings and every month with 5000 more residents, more jobs open in every field.

2020 will see over 10,000 hotel rooms opening and over 2.5 million square feet of convention space with a million more coming in 2021. We will have over 15 million square total square feet of convention space by 2023. By comparison, only 5 cities in the United States have over 3.5 million square feet of convention space.

There is an employment demand for anyone who wants to work. Las Vegas IS the Land of Opportunity for so many! In a constantly growing city, the advancement potential in a job is there. Also for self-employment, if you want to work for it, it can be there too.

How The Boom Started

Over 45,000 hotel rooms opened in the 1990’s decade. And growth hasn’t stopped, but it’s different too.

After the Mirage opened in 1989, Excalibur then opened in 1990. Corporations saw the huge success that was happening and jumped on the bandwagon. The iconic Luxor fired up its spotlight in 1993, Treasure Island started their hotel and pirate show in 1993. The MGM opened in 1993 as the largest hotel in the world with 5004 rooms and the best pool in town.

With all this growth, off-strip (local casinos) started opening and paid better odds than the strip. Boomtown (now the Silverton) opened in 1994 and Fiesta (now Fiesta Station) in 1994. Texas (now Texas Station) was a huge success when it opened in 1995.

The Fremont Street Experience created life back into Downtown Las Vegas in 1995. Then the Stratosphere became a landmark and Monte Carlo (now MGM Park) both opened in 1996. New York, New York created excitement in 1997 and another locals hotel casino, Sunset Station, were the highlights that year. Bellagio with its upscale presence and spectacular water show made a splash in 1998.

Mandalay Bay with a large arena and beach/wave-pool started 1999’s boom. Shortly followed by the Venetian with a mall and canal complete with gondola boats and singers. Paris opened in 1999 with an Eifel Tower. As Summerlin was now open, the Resort at Summerlin (now The Rampart and J.W. Marriott) in 1999 opened and you get the picture. 

Housing In Las Vegas

Let’s take a look at Las Vegas Valley housing. Currently, in the metropolitan area, there are around 6000 pre-owned homes for sale with a median asking price of $347,000. (With The Raiders moving to town, there are a lot of expensive homes raising that average.)

There are basically 5 types of housing in Las Vegas. They are:

New Construction Homes

Resale Homes

Master Planned Communitiy Homes

Condo’s and Townhouses

High Rise Condominiums

We have pages and searches and sub-categories on our sidebar or HOME page

New Construction Homes

In Southern Nevada, New Home Builders pay for you to have a Realtor represent you. The price of the home does not change when you have no representation. Be aware that agents in model homes will not represent you. They work exclusively for the builder. Protect yourself and take us with you on your first visit so Kurt can also monitor the construction as your home is being built. 

There are over 6000 resale homes currently for sale which is under a 2 month supply. Add 1000 new construction floor plans and almost 250 communities to the equation and you’ll know that there is great variety in every price range. North Las Vegas sold the most homes in 2019 and the buyers on the news all said “Affordability” was why they chose to buy there.

Below is a link to our New Construction Search. The results are difficult to minimize but you can get a great idea of what’s out there for the money. When you are ready, we will combine what we’ve seen with an extensive search to find you the right home. Give us a call and we will send you floorplans then let’s go see some neighborhoods!

Call or text us anytime and we can answer questions and make a consultation appointment. Our direct office number is 702-750-7599

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Master Planned Communities

In case you don’t know the difference between neighborhoods and master-planned communities, master-planned communities are large pieces of land planned in advance for the schools, roads, churches, parks, common areas, employment, retail stores, amenities, etc. that combined make and area beautiful and desirable. The emphasis in the Las Vegas Valley master-plans seems to be about recreation, walking trails, sports, and convenience.

Once everything is planned and infrastructure completed, the land is sold to various builders. Builders must follow architectural guidelines and stay in their price categories.  to build homes of the planned type and at every pricing level while making every neighborhood unique. Every neighborhood connects to trails leading to a large park.

Las Vegas Master Plan History

Green Valley was officially the first Large Master-Planned Community in the valley starting in 1978. American Nevada Corporation developed Green Valley and still manages the associations today. After acquiring more connecting land, Green Valley has become the home to over 100,000 residents. The Lakes in the west part of Las Vegas started its 5000 homes in the late 1980s. Then came the largest master-planned community in the United States, Summerlin with 25,000 acres, developed by Howard Hughes Corporation. Henderson went in another direction by approving medium-sized master-planned communities all side by side and strategically filling in the dirt creating very few vacant land pockets. With all of those builders competing, each neighborhood is unique and beautiful for us to live in.

More About Las Vegas Houses

Once you decide which city to live in, type of community and type of housing you want are next. Las Vegas has it all- everything between apartments to $20M mansions. Communities include Rural Preservation Areas without sidewalks scattered around. There are older sections surrounding Downtown Las Vegas with multifamily, smaller homes and old-time luxury estates. Nellis Air Force Area has a multitude of mid-sized homes that are both affordable and near the base.

The 1970s saw some great neighborhoods built but in the 1980s Master Planned Developments came to town. I think neighborhoods were pretty well designed before “Master Planned Communities” became normal because there has always been a City Master Plan. I think these big developers have actually made the city’s job a lot easier while offering beautiful areas for us to live in.

Resale Home Searches

Resale Homes are a great value and may have better locations than new construction homes. Various Home Searches can be found on every page on our site. You’ll want to look for an exact home when you can view it so if your trip isn’t for three weeks, try not to fall in love with a house today. 

On every home search display, you have a REVISE SEARCH and SORT button on the top-right. Please personalize these settings to what you’re looking for and SAVE FAVS and SAVE SEARCHES in a private box that you can return to. Bookmark Us! We will NEVER SPAM you!

Who We Are

I am Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Having lived in Las Vegas since 1988, I have seen many changes and am proud to call Las Vegas home. My first job in Las Vegas was as an Engineering Manager for a large building component manufacturer before starting my own engineering firm. As a P.E., C.E. building engineer, I would tell builders how to build their homes and how to fix their construction issues- and there were plenty.

My Realtor wife Terri and I joined forces in 1996 and quickly became Top-Producing Las Vegas Realtors who go above and beyond the norm- we focus on how we can protect our clients. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, you need protection. My building background combined with 24+ years of Las Vegas real estate sales make me a great asset to your home buying process.


Why We Are The Best Realtors In Las Vegas

Resale and New Construction Homes

With a resale home, as you look at how well a home would suit you, we look for signs of issues and flaws. You look at colors while we look for cracks in the drywall, bowed walls and signs of moisture in the walls. You open kitchen drawers while we look for warped wood under the sink and along the bottom of cabinets. Broken window seals and incorrectly installed energy-efficient windows are a common problem that cost you money. In the yard, we look for calcium deposits on rocks to verify drainage, cracks in cement and rust in pools. After over 25 years of doing this, we are quite good. You will be an informed buyer before you ever make an offer.

New construction homes are my specialty because I monitor the construction for you weekly as your home is being built. I’ll look inside the walls while verifying that your options were installed correctly. We the framing walk-through together before the drywall goes up. When the home is completed we hire the best new construction home inspector in town to test every mechanical system, window, and feature in your home as our gift to you.

Builders and Sellers pay us- we are free to you- get the Best Realtors In Las Vegas on your team. You want to use us as your Realtors to protect you from “What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know.” With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, our services are invaluable.


What’s Next

Securing financing is the next step if you are not paying cash. We have some great loan and credit blogs to give you more information if you need it. Of course we can refer you to a great lender however we suggest that you interview three and shop rates and fees. When getting a 30-40 year loan 1/4-1/2% interest can be a lot of money.

On our website, we suggest that you research topics that interest you and if there’s something we’ve left out, please let us know by texting, calling or sending an email. We try to cover it all but there’s so much! As full service Realtors we are here to answer questions and guide you through this process every step of the way.

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