Types of Sellers

There are 4 types of Sellers in Las Vegas: Builders, People, Investors and Banks. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. We look out for you!

BUILDERS OF NEW HOMES- We have sold hundreds of new homes in the last 20 years and have learned quite a few tricks of the trade. A new home sales agent works for the seller. If you go in and sign their registration paper they will not let you bring a Realtor to cover your interests unless you pay them yourself. If we take you on your first visit, we can represent you and THEY PAY US! Did you know- There are some builders who keep your earnest money even if you cancel for any reason- even if you don’t qualify for a loan or insurance and for delays or reasons the builder creates. YOU WANT US! We know what questions to ask, we read the contract before you sign each page (no surprises) and the biggest advantage you get from using our team is Kurt. Kurt was a Nevada Structural Engineer for 10 years before becoming a Realtor in 1996. When your home is being built, he monitors the construction free of charge. He will also attend your framing walk-thru with you or for you. With how fast they build houses in Las Vegas this service can be invaluable. He will also do the walk through with you. With years of experience, he knows what to look for. Don’t forget- our services are FREE TO YOU!

EQUITY SALE- More than half of our properties for sale are now regular people who have equity in their home and can close and move immediately. These properties, if they are priced at market price, tend to sell quickly. We will do research and a market analysis before making an offer on any property to make sure you don’t pay too much. We also want for you to get a “good deal!”

SHORT SALE- This is when the seller owes more to the bank than they can sell the property for. The seller needs to approve the purchase offer and then the signed offer is subject to bank approval. Short sales are typically a slightly better “deal” than an equity sale but the closing date is not set until the bank approves the sale. There is no set timeline for bank approval. Typically they give you an answer within 30 days but it can take longer. Once you get the approval you typically get another 45 days to close. Generally you may cancel at any time until you have bank approval so we can keep looking at interesting new properties that come on the market. During the approval time you can be accruing equity.

INVESTOR- FLIP PROPERTIES: It’s getting harder for an investor to find a good enough deal on a dumpy property for an investor to fix-up but they’re out there. Flip properties tend to be extremely nice, new and clean looking. Since the seller has never lived in these homes, disclosures are vague. We will assist you in getting every inspection you’d want and we will talk to neighbors. We help balance the Buyer Beware playing field. We know the horror stories. There are also ethical flippers. Again, gotta cover your ass-ets!

BANK OWNED – REPO – REO: These properties are for sale by the bank. Sometimes they are in great condition. Disclosures are vague. Some have been fixed up by the bank and sometimes the property is in need of love. Banks are now offering delinquent homeowners money to sign the house over to them and move out. “Good Deals” tend to sell quickly and may have multiple offers.