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Below are links to information pages of 16 cities with home searches. If you want to see property outside the valley, call us for an appointment and we will meet you there.

Schedule a housing appointment with a “3-hour tour” if you are unsure of where you want to live within the Las Vegas Valley. Knowing where you want to live is the first step of the process and we are here to assist you in any way we can.

The Las Vegas Valley

Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas make up the Las Vegas Valley cities. They are 3 of the 4 largest cities in Nevada. The valley is so much more than entertainment. In 2019, North Las Vegas sold the most homes because of affordability and JOBS. We also have pages of information about all the areas of town in the Las Vegas Valley. See our Las Vegas Cities and Areas of Town pages.

With Las Vegas and Henderson having no large parcels of land left for developers to purchase, North Las Vegas will be the future of the Las Vegas Valley. The big builders aggressively started the land grab years ago. 

Southern Nevada Cities – What I Find Interesting

Pahrump– Keeps on growing and is less expensive than the Las Vegas Valley. Most everything life offers is in Pahrump but on a small-medium town scale. Driving 45 minutes to Las Vegas isn’t bad, even when you commute.

Pahrump is in the 4th largest city in Southern Nevada. The best thing about Pahrump is that it now has a hospital and a college. Wide-open BLM land adds to the country feel and the weather is cooler than Vegas. 

Mt. Charleston is 20-30 minutes up or down the mountain from NW Las Vegas. At 7700 ft. elevation with pine tree-filled mountains,  the snow in the winter is complimented with NICE summers. The area has a great rustic feel and an abundance of opportunities for a variety of recreational activities.

Boulder City is 10 minutes southeast of Henderson, along-side Lake Mead. The weather is warmer than Las Vegas and the air is cleaner.

There is no gambling in Boulder City and downtown is a tourist attraction. With a building moratorium, Boulder City offers a lot and will not be growing quickly. 

Keep Your Eyes On Sloan

Sloan I find Sloan to be the most interesting town near Las Vegas. It’s about 7 minutes south of Las Vegas on I-15.

The thing about Sloan is that utilities are still pretty scarce at the moment so BLM (Bureau of Land Management) isn’t auctioning off the miles and miles of beautiful desert on the road to California yet. Soon…

Planning shows Sloan as a 10-year planned growth area but I believe it will be much sooner. This is the desert land that I most want to buy!

Jean At the moment everything commercial in Jean is owned by the Terrible’s Corporation. Located about 20 minutes south of Las Vegas on I-15, Jean is halfway between Las Vegas and Primm. Being on the road to California, there’s a lot of future coming to Jean.

Sandy Valley and Goodsprings are old mining towns. I wouldn’t call them ghost towns but some of the houses have a lot of character. Both are very small-town currently but still offer a lot being so close to the Vegas Valley.

Lake Mead and Multiple Rivers

Mesquite Between The Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the Nevada, Arizona, and Utah state lines lies Mesquite. Mesquite has some great neighborhoods and its only an hour from everything Las Vegas.

Being a weekend getaway for Vegas and having St. George and Zion National Park close by adds to the city’s growth demands. Actually, maybe its the 6 golf courses in town that are influencing people to relocate to Mesquite…

Overton / Logandale / Moapa Valley are the largest of 6 smaller towns. Being on the northern arm of Lake Mead where the Virgin River flows into the lake has created a great water sport recreation area.

The Valley of Fire, ruins of underwater towns re-surfacing in the lake and the  Clark County Fairgrounds attract some tourists but not too many to detract from this being a great community. It sure is lovely out there! 

The Colorado River

Laughlin is home for many people who want an old-time Vegas feel. It has become a traveler’s short detour off I-40, a getaway/vacation destination, and the entertainment mecca for Northern Arizona and Las Vegas.

Laughlin, a Colorado River Town with gaming is the largest employer location for the area. Across the river, Bullhead City, AZ has the area’s commercial development and retail stores. If you want the tax benefits that Nevada offers, Laughlin is a great place to call home with its lovely neighborhoods and river views.

Searchlight is a mining town with active mines. Housing is made up of an eclectic collection or new and old houses mixed with modular homes. Searchlight is halfway between Henderson and Laughlin while siding the Lake Mead Recreation Area at Lake Mojave.

Feel free and take a look at these info pages and home searches and if something jumps out at you, call us and let’s go see them. Direct office: 702-750-7599 



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