You Still Live There!

Just because your house is for sale doesn’t mean you’re moving out immediately. Depending on the market, it can take months. Most people stay in their homes until it sells, and they’ve found a new one, so concentrate on the “Things To Do List” one step at a time.

Step 1. You want to get your home looking the best it can so you can get the most money for it, and it will sell faster. See our blog on Increasing Your Homes’ Value.

Step 2. Once your home is in order, we will put it on the market, so it needs to be ready for spur of the moment showings as well as planned ones with the least amount of “drop everything” effort. The way to do that is to be ready every morning and involve the family.

If you look for tips online, great, but these are model homes in the pictures or vacant homes staged by a decorator. Look! There’s rarely a TV in most of the pictures! Who lives without a TV? And the pictures look great. So, where do you compromise?

When our home was for sale, we allowed showings until dinner cooking began. We lived in our home from 5:00 PM until the next morning, and everyone helped straighten before leaving the house, so it was looking its best.

Selling a home for top dollar can be stressful, so be kind to yourselves, knowing it’s an investment of your time. We hired a housekeeper to come every week instead of every two weeks. Laundry was washed and put away all in one night. Living in a city where your home-selling competition is brand new homes means your home needs to look great to sell for the price you want.showing your house

There are a million videos and articles on staging your home, and it’s definitely worth watching a few to get ideas. The best advice I can give you is: “clean and organized sells homes”. Clean it thoroughly and buy baskets and bins to throw stuff in quickly. Little ones love this part! Michaels or Joanns will have reasonably priced containers but look online for 40-50% off coupons.

Preparing To Leave For The Day

A Family Activity! Showing your house is a necessary evil of selling it. When everyone is responsible every morning, the task seems easier and less stressful. Since everyone will benefit, everyone can contribute, even to the littles. Make it a fun thing! You might want to blast music or make it a race or a game with rewards. Maybe agree to pay the teenager $5 a day for a clean bathroom and bedroom when the house sells. Our kids moved out a while ago, maybe it’ll take $10 a day now, but $300 is probably worth not being stressed…

A Realtor may call you an hour or two before they want to show your house to ask if they can come. You can always say no. However, if you are prepared, saying yes is easy. Clean houses sell first and sell for more money. If you work outside the home or are going out, you should always be ready for a showing while you are gone.

I’ve shown a few houses where there are unmade beds, or the sellers left their underwear on the bedroom floor. Entering a house filled with food odors is sometimes really bad, but clients wanted to leave the house immediately when the toilet is unflushed. Prevent negative associations with your home.

Your goal needs to be: to have a possible buyer in your home for as long as possible. A buyer who only stays at your house for 5 minutes will not be buying your house. A great policy for the family to adopt is to have your house ready for showing every time you leave. 

Schedule 30 Minutes Each Morning

“Spur of the Moment Showings” while you are out can be inconvenient. We suggest that you plan for showing your house ahead of time. When you schedule 30 minuteskitchen showing each morning for staging and straightening, an unplanned showing may become possible. More showings mean more offer possibilities. More offer possibilities mean more money.

Verify That These Things Are Done:

  1. Kitchen- Wash dishes and wipe the table and counter
  2. Spray air-freshener in the entire house
  3. Straighten the TV and family areas
  4. Check each bedroom, make the bed, and pick up clothes.
  5. Go into each bathroom, flush the toilet, put the seat down, check the sink and straighten
  6. Make sure that the toilet is clean and that there’s plenty of toilet paper
  7. Touch-up floors- sweep, mop, and vacuum
  8. Clean-up pet areas
  9. Let natural light into the house- as much as possible
  10. Leave the home at a comfortable temperature
  11. Optional- turn lights on in darker rooms, closets, and baths

Leaving The House For A Showing

Realtors will call for a Showing Appointment, and your job is to do your best to NOT BE THERE when they arrive. You can leave immediately when they arrive. Staying at the house or sitting outside will give the buyer and their Realtor access to you if they like the house and want information. Know that your answers could change their minds positively or negatively- you don’t know. Learning your motivation for selling might affect the amount of their offer, so we highly suggest that you leave the property.

Before You Leave:

  1. Do items 1-9 above
  2. Turn on the lights in every room, even in the closets. You want people to see every closet, room, and bathroom.
  3. Make the house bright. Open the blinds! Natural light helps the home more inviting.
  4. Take your pet or pets with you if practicable. Barking, jumping and scratching dogs distract a buyer and cause them to look for dirt and scratches on walls and glass.

Inconsiderate Realtors:

Getting your home ready to be shown is work. This is your warning: You will probably get stood-up while your home is for sale. You can be forgotten, or a buyer may be running late and won’t show for the appointment. Worse yet, they could show up 2-3 hours later, and you’re no longer prepared.

We suggest you get a name and phone number for every Realtor who schedules an appointment with you. A “No Call – No Show” is unprofessional and unacceptable in our opinions. We will express our displeasure to an agent and request professionalism.

Showing your house takes time and energy, and your time and energy should not be taken for granted. I remember rushing and sweating to get our house ready for a showing. We get it, and we completely believe that the time and energy you expend will come back to you in the form of a great offer.

Give us a call, and let’s walk through your home together, seeing it how a buyer would see it. Call the office today – 702-750-7599.

This Blog is written by Terri Grosse. Terri has been a top-producing Realtor in Las Vegas since 1993. She specializes in marketing and loves staging and decorating houses.

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Revised March 14, 2020


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